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Take your bike with you!


  • You can take a free single bike ( disassembled and contained in a bag or a folding bike properly closed ) , arranging it in the spaces provided for luggage . If there was not enough room , you can place it elsewhere, provided it does not disturb or bother other customers or for those on board .
  • In any case, the size must not be greater than cm . 80x110x40 .


  • On all regional trains - even those not marked with a special pictogram - are admitted free transport of a folding bike properly closed per traveler , even outside dell'apposita bag , provided the size does not exceed cm 80x110x40 , and that does not cause danger or inconvenience to other travelers .
  • On regional trains marked with a special pictogram , limited seats available, any traveler can carry with them a bicycle mounted , buying the extra bike for 24 hours and , alternatively another way ticket second class .
  • The crew can not permit the transport of bicycles on board trains if the transport is considered prejudicial rail service .
  • For more information on the rules of carriage of bicycles in your region please visit the dedicated section of the Regional Trains on this site or visit the section Conditions of Carriage > Part III Regional Transport


You can bring your bike on some international trains a dedicated coach or in the spaces provided in the carriages for travelers . They are excluding domestic routes national .
International connections from Italy with bike in tow service

Trains Italy - Switzerland
  • Trains with bike on Venice- Milan and Milan - Geneva - Basel
  • In view of the limited space for bikes on board , it pays to shop and book the place bike before departure , at ticket offices and travel agencies Trenitalia ( reservation bike is not available on this website ) .
  • The supplement is also sold on board the train at the price of EUR 12.00 , subject to availability remaining , and only from Italy ( for departures from Switzerland is the obligatory pre - reservation ) .


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